Why we do tantra massage

When I heard from my husband that tantra massage would change my life I just started to laugh. But then my whole world turned upside down. The power of energy which I got from the session of sensual tantric massage was so healing and rejuvenating that I decided to explore my sensual potential, body-mind connection and then benefit other people through the methods I have learnt.

It has been 4 years since my first experience as a client and I cannot help but noticing how much it influenced me, all levels of my being. Today my husband and I are glad to introduce you our tantra massage studio in Oslo where you can enjoy deep relaxation, boost energy and learn how to consciously expand pleasure by means of simple techniques under guidance of our experienced tantric massage therapist.

After tantra massage I left the studio with a new energy and a new inner strength that I had not felt for quite some time. By listening and practicing what was explained to me I found some of my true self again. The results just after two days I believe have been life changing for me at least.

Gavin, Munich

Thank you for a wonderful experience, Sunrise. Danca gave me a heavenly tantric massage which left me in a state of total bliss. I have tried this type of massage before, but this was by far the best!

I would like to come back in the very near future.

Lawrence from Oslo

An amazing experience, never felt anything like this before – Daniela really gave me sensational massage where i felt totally “out of this world”, and she is a very beautiful person that made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Thank you so much Daniela.

Trond from Oslo

By touching gently my whole body she helped me to clean my head from thoughts and to my surprise I relaxed and opened up to the strong feelings I have never experienced before. The tantra massage gave me a lot of energy, as if I got younger. Now I know how important touches are.

Paul, Oslo

What can i say about the session whit Karolina, WOW
Had the best 2 hours ever, she was really nice pretty girl with an amazing smile and amazing hands, and body 😉 Took me to heaven 😉 I am coming back for SURE 😉

Eric from Oslo

Thank you for a fantastic experience. I will most definitely come back. Comfortable, professional and sweet at the same time. Thank you!

Andre from Oslo

Our Team


What I like the most about massaging is complete relaxation and connection with the other person; the feeling of two beings longing for pure and tender contact.

Available: from 22.11. to 28.11.


What’s most important for me in tantra massage is a profound experience of the meeting between two beings.

Following the session both the client and therapist are relaxed and revitalized with fresh, vibrant energy.

Available: available from 16.11. to 20.11.


My intention is to create a safe space where you can fully open and manifest in its nature.

I’ll be your guide on a journey of discovery of new dimensions of pleasure, to push their boundaries, get rid of the shame or numbness, discover self-love.

Available: from 2.11. to 9.11.

Ing. VladimГ­r Textoris

I have 7 years experience in classical, healing and tantric massages. My approach will awaken your inner strength and help to develop balance, joy and self-confidence in your life. I specialize in improving relationships.

Available: form 29.10. to 8.11.


I can tune into the needs of the others very well during the massage.

I teach people to be responsible of their intimate independence and to understand their sexuality. I also help them to find the source of their own enjoyment and happiness.

Available: from 13.12. to 19.12.


By means of tantric massage I help my clients to relax deeply and connect with their feelings.

I approach people with open heart and help them to find themselves in bliss.

Available: from 28.12. to 3.1.


I am an intimacy coach and somatic educator. I give my clients methods which they can use independently from a therapist and start being creators of their own happiness. I help to cope with various sexual dysfunctions and coach motivated individuals who would like to live fulfilling, erotically embodied lives.

My sessions suit people who seek knowledge and new skills, personal growth, transformation and healing.

Available: not available.


Tantric massage is one of the greatest ways to connect with your own body and forget about the world around.

I will guide you through the path of discovering the full potential of your body. You will live a deep experience that can influence your life and bring higher quality into it.

Available: from 6.12. to 12.12.

Lille Frogner allГ© 5B

0263 Oslo



(47) 908 56 215

from 9:00 to 21:00 (whole week)